Lev Kucherov surprising marathon winner!

KICKFEST 2019 is over. Long races at 45 km successfully ended the three-day competition for European footbike titles. Dutch racer Fiona Olthof gained in women's main category the marathon triumph. Among the men seniors, we were surprised by the victory of Russian Lev Kucherov, who in the final sprint gave no chance to the second Tomas Pelc.

The women's 35 km race started at 9:30. The biggest favorites for the title were the trio - Reijne, Frýzová and Olthof. The first, Rosanne Reijne, however, had to deal with a defect on the footbike at the very beginning of the race and the front of the race got far away. Therefore, the race for the gold should be made between the pair Frýzová-Olthof. Both riders tactically held side by side up to the finish line where Fiona Olthof decided and added the most valuable medal of the marathon to her two bronze european medals.

The best men started the 45 km race at noon. The whole first row at the start of the race was full of european title candidates - Ringoir, Kulka, Pelc or Jarůšek. A big surprise of all was the ride of Lev Kucherov, who held in the pack of fastest racers from the beginning until he gradually got with Tomas Pelc to a solo race for the title. About one kilometer before the finish Kucherov accelerated, which the Czech racer could not react to and Kucherov became a surprising but deserved European champion in the marathon.

The race for the third place was decided by Michal Kulka, who beat on the finish straight Matyáš Olšar. Adriaan Ringoir, a double European champion from Racice, finished fifth.

And that was all from the European Footbike Championship in Racice. Kristýna Frýzová became the most successful woman of the championship. She won 3 medal - 1 gold and 2 silver. Adriaan Ringoir became the most successful man in Račice by who after 2 victories in sprint and criterium attacked on Sunday the golden hattrick. But he and other riders had to bend before the great ride of Russian Lev Kucerov.

Complete results of all categories can be found here.

We thank all participants for their performances, congratulate the winners and look forward to meeting the next year on the World Championship in Estonia.